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FALKE Ergonomic Sport System


FALKE Ergonomic Sport System Autumn Winter 2021 - Skiing

2021-01-05 03:02

FALKE Skiing   Based on the design of the Ski Capsule for its 125th anniversary, FALKE is presenting a special ski collection for women and men for the Autumn/Winter 2021/22 season. The collection consists of ski socks in various styles, underwear trend sets and outerwear made of differe...

FALKE Ergonomic Sport System Autumn Winter 2021 - Trekking

2021-01-05 03:01

FALKE Trekking   For the first time, FALKE is presenting its own Trekking Capsule in the Autumn/Winter 2021/22 collection, offering a complete package for the perfect hiking experience for men and women, from socks to functional underwear and outerwear including matching accessories. ...

FALKE Ergonomic Sport System Autumn Winter 2021 - Running

2021-01-05 03:00

FALKE Running   Exercise in the fresh air while enjoying nature: Outdoor running is very popular and offers beginners and competitive athletes the best training opportunities. Optimal clothing that supports the athlete should not be missing.   For the first time, the FALKE running...

FALKE Ergonomic Sport System Spring Summer 2021 - Trekking

2021-01-05 02:58

FALKE Trekking In order to really enjoy the trekking experience, not only the perfect footwear, but also the right socks and clothing are of great importance. All FALKE trekking socks are characterised by their perfect fit, thanks to right and left padding and toe box. The material compositi...

FALKE Ergonomic Sport System Spring Summer 2021 - Running

2021-01-05 02:57

FALKE Running Individual sports like running are becoming more and more popular. The different surfaces and various environmental influences affect the performance of the athlete. To protect and support the runner's body and especially his feet, FALKE offers a wide range of products that pe...

FALKE Ergonomic Sport System Spring Summer 2021 - Bike

2021-01-05 02:55

FALKE Bike   Cycling enjoys great popularity. Whether mountain bike, racing bike or e-bike - FALKE offers the right product for every cyclist. The Impulse series introduced in 2020 will be continued and supplemented with new socks. In addition to Impulse technology, FALKE BC Impulse Splas...

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