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About InPRESSd

On InPRESSd the users are divided into two groups: members of the media and wholesale (editors, stylists, journalists, bloggers, magazines and buyers) and companies (labels) that use partially overlapping as well as different features.

Companies have the opportunity to present a short company profile on InPRESSd, to quickly and easily publish news and events concerning the company in real-time and upload to an unlimited extent the current lookbooks, campaigns and images relating their collections and make it accessible to the media & partners. In addition, each individual image can be provided with tags and keywords, which later allow the individually verified targeted search of product groups, colors, styles and thus optimally adapt the information needs of the media or wholesale.

The members of the media have on the other side the option to create as well a personal profile and in addition a business, blog or magazine profile and to define appropriate contact info and data. Using the search function it can be searched alongside labels and magazines as well as targeted products and product groups; thereby the search can be individually adapted to the needs and requirements of their own plans topics. With a virtual closet, images or samples can be directly requested to the respective companies, what happens automatically and no search in terms of contact and contact details is required.

InPRESSD for Labels

InPRESSd for media & buyers

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